Just like your car, websites require ongoing maintenance to keep them in top notch condition. Preventative care is is key to the health and wellness of your website.

Symptoms of compromised sites range from:

  • Increase in page load time
  • Lowered Security
  • Decline in Search Rankings
  • Hacking Vulnerabilities.

Start your Website Maintenance today with one of our comprehensive Web Care Plans.

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  • Wordpress Core Updates
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting
  • Security & Vulnerability Scans
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Backups

Additional work or support billed at $95 per hour in 15 minute increments.

Any extra work we believe your website requires (think: server updates, SSL Certificate Installation, Malware removal etc) we will contact you about with time quoted for you to approve before work is carried out.

WordPress Core Updates

We stay accross the latest Worpress Core Updates and will check your site every week to see that it remains up to date.

Theme and Plugin Updates

We will check your site weekly for required plugin and theme updates. We also keep up to date on any important updates regarding the particular themes and plugins used by your site.

Security and Vulnerability

We collect real time information about vulnerabilities that affect your site, so they can be addressed as a matter of urgency between your weekly updates.

Using leading technology from Sucuri, your site is scanned weekly for known malware, blacklisting status and website errors. Any issues identified are addressed immediately.

27/7 Uptime Monitoring

Using UpTime Monitor we keep an eye on your website 24 hours a day 7 days aweek. Receiving instant notifications when your website goes down, so we can get it back online before anyone else notices.

Performance Monitoring

A slow website will hurt your business a lot. That’s why you need to benchmark your website performance regularly and react if something goes wrong.

Website Backups

Weekly full site backups. Think of this as a “snapshot” of your website. If something does go wrong, we can roll everything back to the day the backup was taken as if nothing ever happened.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

Your Monthly Web Care Overview Report includes:

  • Core, Plugin and Theme Updates completed
  • Site Performance.
  • Adhoc Optimization tasks carried out.
  • Uptime Report.
  • Google Analytics Review (ie., site traffic).
  • Overview of additional tasks performed.

The number one reason WordPress Websites get hacked or break is due to out of date software, plugins and themes!